About us

Sandotir S.A. was born from the initiative of experienced entrepreneurs related to the world of meat (ranging from breeding fattening slaughter and meat processing) to offer the best meat in South America and with a view to creating value and offering quality meat and food products in general, to satisfy the demands of its clients and consumers.

We want to be seen as a food marketing company specialized in the meat industry and which in turn is capable of offering other non-meat foods that our customers need.

That makes us


We have many years of experience in the meat industry.

Knowing all its stages, from animal production including genetics, slaughter and processing to reaching the final product required by consumers of this protein.

This knowledge allows us to select the required quality according to the requirements, guarantee uniformity and consistency in the orders, and thus be able to satisfy the needs of our customers.

In the Meat area, we want to go from a simple product to a product with its own identity and characteristics represented in a trademark that identifies and guarantees that everything the brand carries how it is offered has been selected and properly supervised.

The commitment of

is to offer the best of meat

from South America to the world

Our beef comes from farmers who raise Angus, Hereford and crossbreed cattle responsibly. As well as we offer Wagyu breed meat produced in South America, under the same breeding regulations established in Uruguay.

We offer a product that meets consumer demand for healthier, more organic beef.

Mainly the meat packaged with the Del Sur Beef brand is from Uruguay. This country offers more than 27 million acres of natural pastures where more than 80% of the land is reserved for the sole purpose of raising livestock.

Our beef is raised without the use of added hormones and antibiotics in order to promote growth in an unnatural way, it is even prohibited by law in Uruguay.

From nature to the table, Uruguay is committed to producing the best, safest meat possible, meeting the growing demands of grass-fed meat consumers.